Understanding Water Problems

Bacteria \ Virusus:       Water born viruses and bacteria can cause extreme stomach pain and



Bad Smelling  Water:  Rotten Egg odor caused by a colorless corrosive hydrogen

                                              sulfide gas. In high enough concentrations can be unhealthy and

                                              leave a distinct odor.


                                              Rotten vegetable or dirt odor caused by decayed plant life like algae.



Bad Tasting Water:         Metal taste typically caused by a high concentration of copper, zinc,

                                              maganese, and iron  in  the ground. It also can be found in houses

                                              that don't treat their water or their old system hasn't been  

                                              maintained and is failing causing their house piping to breakdown

                                              due to low PH highly acidiic water.


Chlorine Smell:             The smell or taste of Chlorine is not only unpleasant, in high concentration

                                              it can be highly toxic!  Most often found in houses whose water is delivered  

                                              by a municipality or water treatment facility.



Cloudy Water:               Is a result of tiny particles floating in suspension. They sometimes

                                              can be seen, but also can be invisible to the naked eye.  Colodial clay

                                              is a common cause of cloudy water.Typically showing up on your water test as

                                              a high TD (Total Dissolved Solids) concentration.



Staining:                        There are a couple ways water can stain. It can stain sinks, clothing

                                              and appliances. These stains are typically caused by  a low PH (blue stain)

                                              which is highly acidic water. They are also caused by high iron or maganese  

                                              content which is seen as a rusty Black or Orange color.


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